Sorry for being so absent!

Hello everyone,

Sorry I've been so absent, it makes me sad as I know I've really enjoyed writing this blog. I will be honest, the reason I haven't been writing is because I've been quite depressed lately.  Taking care of my plants keeps my mental health good, it reminds me to look after life and therefore look after myself. However, one day of sitting in bed just turned into more and more and then my plants started dying.  I feel like I've failed them a bit, which it making me incredibly sad. I have just popped them all in the bath now and gave them a big water, hopefully they have some belief to keep going.

I've still been updating my Instagram every day, so that is something. Here are a few photos from it that I thought looked nice:

Mir mit pflanzen :)

And I also went out on a hike to take some photos which I have enjoyed editing. I enjoy taking nature photos and I especially am enjoying trying to get more creative with the photos I take of my own plants. 



Hello everyone!

I've been so busy with my dissertation recently that it has been rather hard to find the time to update this blog. Also, England has had a lot of snow, making it hard to do any outdoor gardening. My indoor plants are a little chill, but nothing they can't survive :)

Anyway, I hope to get more posts coming once the coldness dies down a wee bit!

I've been putting my focus on this new idea, Fortnightly Zero waste:

I thought it would be a wonderful idea to join together and have support to try implement more sustainable living in our lives. Slow and steadily too, can't change the world at once :)

Let me know what you think!

Love Mer x

A trip to Tropical World

Hello everyone!

On a bored Sunday afternoon I decided to hit up Tropical World in Leeds to see what it was all about. According to google it is a "Greenhouses filled with UK's largest tropical plant and animal collections outside of Kew Gardens." Sounded pretty great to me, considering I love plants and animals. 

The place itself was very full and I could see why. It was like being in a little jungle and I was excited to be around all the plants! I'd never seen leaves so huge and I wanted to just somehow taken them all home. I really enjoyed having the birds fly around me and it felt natural to have them around. I even tried to conquer my fear of butterflies, that was until one decided to fly at my face and make me jump.  I also got to see a lot of cool animals, the bats, lemurs and meerkats were my favourites. I was a big fan of all the fish too! 
Overall I think it was worth its price of £6.20 for an Adult. In fact I probably would go again to take some more photos. I…

Feb growth thus far!

Hello everyone,

It's been a little while since I've done a plant report. There has been growth and loss in my little indoor garden. In the allotment I have set some slug traps out and did a little bit of digging, the only problem is the soil is such awful quality - all clay and condensed - terrible for me.

Inside my house plants have been thriving! I have 3 Monstera plants now:

(as you can see I adore my house plants and love to photograph them)

My Borlotti bean stalk has grown even bigger. I spoke to someone with more experience than me and he was quite impressed. I moved it out of the sun and into the back of my room, so it will hopefully grow slower and has more room. I might repot it at one point and I've also had to give it a bigger support stick as it keeps outgrowing the others. 

As you can see, he spans 2 pots and he's a big one! There's actually 3 bean stalks here, but one is quite a bit smaller and the other two are kind of intertwined. 

Then recently I h…

A pretty view / plant update

My pretty plant corner - Here you can see that my bean stalk on the left has outgrown its support. I've taken cuttings from the Brazilphilodendron on the wall and they are all seeming healthy. The one it the pot on the box, it is growing great! All the other bean stalks look healthy and my avocados are finally cracking. All going good :)

Some recent plant shots I have taken :) Enjoy


Growing - my bike tour across Norway and Sweden

Hello everyone,

I thought I'd write a bit about something more personal, straying away a bit from nature and plants for a second. Although this relates to gardening as these are both things that keep me calm and help me grow. After I farmed for my first summer at university, I thought I would end up farming for the second - turns out I was wrong.

In the spring of 2017 my friend Frances and I cycled the coast of the Netherlands and part of Germany - on this trip I made her a bet I would find a date in Norway. Quite a random bet, but I had nothing better to do with my summer than to make these kinds of decisions - therefore I booked a plane ticket. Now in the summer's I am homeless, which led me to think about how I wouldn't go bankrupt in about 1 day. I asked a friend if I could borrow his bike, I packed my tent and I slept wild throughout Norway and Sweden. The plan was to cycle from Bergen, Norway to Oslo and then meet my friend in Sweden where he would take back the bike…